Who is Innovation Care Partners?

Innovation Care Partners is a physician-led Clinical Integration Network and Accountable Care Organization. We are dedicated to improving patient health and reducing healthcare spending through collaboration, coordination, and communication in the community.

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Innovation Care Partners is aligned with 6 quality hospitals in the Phoenix area

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Innovation Care Partners has contracts with major insurance companies


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Our philosophy
ICP is committed to transforming healthcare to provide coordinated, patient-centered care of the highest quality and value.

We believe this is achieved through:
  • Strong relationships between primary care providers and patients
  • Following evidence-based care guidelines
  • Providing care coordination services for patients to help them better navigate the complexity of healthcare and achieve their health goals
  • Collaborating, coordinating and communicating within a tightly integrated community of care providers
  • Obtaining, analyzing, and leveraging clinical and quality data for better health outcomes
Our mission
Innovation Care Partners is a collaboration of medical professionals and a local healthcare system committed to providing high quality, coordinated and innovative care for the patients and families we serve.
Our History

Innovation Care Partners was established in the summer of 2012 as a joint venture between Scottsdale Healthcare Hospitals (now HonorHealth) and Scottsdale Physician Organization.

SHP launched with 430 physicians, one insurance contract, and about 3,500 patients.

Today ICP has nine contracts with major insurance companies and 2,000+ physician members serving approximately 175,000+ patients in the community.

ICP represents a unique collaboration between independent community physicians and a community hospital system where all parties share a common mission and vision to improve healthcare in the local community.


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I appreciate how you have helped me, and as a Wounded Vet you have done more for me than the VA has in 10 years...I and the Army thank you for caring for soldiers like myself, who have loss trust in most of the medical profession. (Not you guys- you bring hope).
John Doe
John Doe@username
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I would like to thank you for your concern and information while my mom was in Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital. Your guidance to palliative care was the best choice. Your kindness and understanding meant a lot to me and my family. Thank you very much.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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You have been very helpful in helping my mom agree to an assisted living. She has agreed and I have found a place for her. I was a little nervous about this experience but I wanted to call you and thank you so very, very, much for all of your help, your kindness, and your understanding. Thank You - Thank You

Innovation Care Partners provides value-based patient care through more than 1200 practice locations and 6 local hospitals.

ICP physician practices accept multiple insurance plans offering convenience for patients including Commercial Insurance Plans, Medicare Advantage, and traditional Medicare insurance plans.

Patients who choose ICP providers have access to personalized care coordination, transitional care coordination, and optimized specialist referrals.

As a clinical integration network, we strive to provide improved clinical quality, greater efficiency, improved collaboration, better access to care and long-term cost-control.

ICP physician members share in our vision to transform healthcare delivery through coordinated, patient-centered care of the highest quality and value.

Industry leading Complex Care Coordination and Transitional Care Coordination programs

Proven track record of patient satisfaction, reduced readmissions, improved quality, and lowered cost

Caring physicians who take time to communicate and collaborate about patient care

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